New Generation Mercedes B-Class, the ECO-tour

The new Mercedes B-Class combines the best of different vehicle concepts. It's compact yet spacious at the same time. The new generation Sports Tourer has now a more magnificent design and more technical innovations. Rear bumper allows the newly formed for a sporty accent. The rear lights are not only beautiful to look at, but thanks to the adaptive brake light is also extremely helpful: when an emergency stop of more than 50 km/h, the brake lights flash several times in a second to warn vehicles behind. There is a park assistant and many music connections. He even goes to the eco-tour. You can switch from gasoline to natural gas even when you drive. This B-class is also equipped with the ECO-start/stop-function, this system was given the title Blue Efficiency, that send you efficiently through the traffic.
Assistance for Parking can be left to the active PDC (additional equipment). Once the system detects a parking space, you can switch back and confirm that you want to park. Then you only give gas and brake to control speed. The system will automatically send you movements, and in no time your B-Class is parked.

Music Maestro
The new optional telematics generation includes a standard aux-in jack and the audio through 2.0 has also Bluetooth. The optional media interface allows you eg your MP3 player, iPod or external hard drive connected.

What is this thing. Now with the crisis and oil prices in mind, the boys from Mercedes designed a mechanism to assure maximum efficiency of fuel to jump. In the B 160 and B 180 Blue Efficiency the ECO-start/stop-function, put the fuel consumption down, which also reduces emissions. For example on the red light or if you are in traffic in switched in neutral, the engine automatically switches off. Once you push the gas-pedal again the engine start back in fractions of a second.

Design including the eye
The B-Class has a dynamic character and you sure can find this back into the design. The bonnet is like a wedge into the wide radiator grille. The large air inlets in the bumper and pronounced wheel arches emphasize the sporty. The chrome lines and the strength looking radiator lets the car look more like a sport car.

Safety First
The Active Light System, a part of the optional bi-xenon headlights, follows the movement of the steering wheel while driving. This allows bends up to 90%, about 25 meters further, be alleviated. Once you take turns, the static cornering light is switched on.

Standard room
The back seat in the ratio 1 / 3 and 2 / 3 are folded. When the rear seats are completely fold forward, you have a snap on a completely flat floor. You can also load the floor 8.5 cm lower if you obtain for even larger load capacity.

Gasoline or natural gas
Why it's cold the B-class model B 180 NGT BlueEFFICIENCY. With a touch on the multifunction steering wheel you can switching from gasoline to natural gas drive, even while driving. This has not only economic but also ecological advantages: processing natural gas can be done without any impact for the environmental, in opposite to what fuel does.